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New Slick! for Windows v8.5 full version.  View AutoCAD drawings (dwg) and drawing interchange files (dxf) files from R12 to 2002 and a wide variety of raster formats.  Free PDF batch printing.  Batch printing of all supported files including PDF. Batch conversion of supported files to any standard size Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  Enhanced graphics display of support raster formats. Latest version uploaded 5/29/2005.

Review slick85.readme.pdf and pre-installation document slick85.preinstl.pdf before downloading and installing. 

Click here for new features list.

Click here to download free evaluation copy of Slick! v8.5 full version.

Also available, Slick! LT for Windows v8.5.  All the features of the full version without the database feature.  Latest version uploaded 5/29/2005.

Click here to download free evaluation copy of Slick! LT v8.5.

Slick! v8.5 MAIN FEATURES:

  • AutoCad viewer with support for AutoCAD R12 thru AutoCAD 2002

  • Mechanical Desktop ACIS entities
  • true type fonts
  • online help
  • convert drawings, HPGL plot files, cals, jedmics, and other supported files to PDF at any standard paper size 
  • use as front-end to Adobe Acrobat and SolidWorks viewer
  • batch print PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • picture viewer / jpeg viewer to view your scanned photographs;
  • add information to your pictures using the database feature
  • you can later search the database for all pictures containing specific information such as name, place, date, etc.
  • HPGL plot viewing with auto-orientation; now supports plot files from TurboCAD and other CAD software

  • Image invert for monochrome images;

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and SolidWorks viewer from the Slick! files window;

  • Convert parts of drawings to raster files;

  • Save drawing images to multi-page Adobe PDF files;

The older Slick for Windows v8.0 and Slick! LT for Windows v8.0 are still available to those who do not need the new v8.5 features.

For more information, contact CSU

tel: 408-988-3677 fax: 408-988-3677 email: sales@slickwin.com